Ruin’s Dawn


Artwork by Katie Hofgard: Twitter | Patreon

“I want to hear everything, Osiris. All that you can tell me.”

In the desert town of Mahrae, a young fox is about to discover his power.

A single bolt of crystal energy begins Aidan’s journey, one that will test him to his furthest limits and deepest loyalties. The gryphon Osiris takes Aidan under his wing and together they battle shadows and suspicion to bring warring nations to the pinnacle of invention and prosperity – the new city Nazreal.

But not every creature strives for a bright and industrious future.

Conflict is an unsteady foundation for the burgeoning metropolis. The launch of a thousand incredible dreams plants the seed for an immeasurable disaster that even Aidan and his friends do not have the power to prevent.

This is the story of Nazreal’s ascension… and the end of the world.

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