The Resonance Tetralogy

Centuries had passed.  The ancient tales were forgotten, lost in the winds of time.  Many who knew them died without uttering a single breath of their secrets, their memory too harrowing to endure.

Two and a half thousand years ago, a great cataclysm struck.  It reshaped the world, purging its surface of millions of lives.  The only evidence that civilisation even existed before this point were tiny clues in buried ruins and the vague remembrance of stories whispered through the generations.  One sole word consistently appeared time and again, a single clue of the world that existed before – Nazreal.

That this was once a city was the only certainty, and nothing more.  Where it lay, why it disappeared and the fate of its inhabitants remained as myth and speculation.  The world had barely escaped from its spiralling plunge into chaos and virtual extinction.  Those who survived fought over ancient artefacts unearthed by chance, the promise of old technologies fuel for their battle to remain alive.  They were desperate to find out what happened and prevent it from happening again.

While the world was currently stable, its foothold was tentative at best.  Tense diplomacy and uneasy peace had reigned for many years now, but fresh arguments and border disputes erupted on a near-daily basis.

But then, something stirred deep at the heart of the world.  A new discovery had just been made.

Book One: LEGACY

Book Three: RUIN’S DAWN

Book Four: Resonance End
Kindred: A Resonance Collection
Also: Spiritus Ex, a science-fiction re-imagining of the Resonance world. A one-off novel.

21 thoughts on “The Resonance Tetralogy

  1. Thsi has got to be one of my favorite book series. And only book one is out! Please try to inform me when the otthers roll out!

    • Hi Marshall! Thanks for commenting. I’m really glad you like the series so far. I am fervently working on Book Two, hopefully to be released next year. I’ll be sure to update this page (as I have been meaning to for some months now) soon with more information. I’m better at keeping track of the Facebook group, if that’s something you have access to: And I am going to be strict with myself about creating a presence online. There’s little I’ve found more frustrating than being a fan of a series and having no information about it. I don’t want to be one of those people!

    • Hi Phillip!

      There are four and a half chapters remaining, and then it will be sent to the publisher for approval and edits. It’s on its way! Thanks for keeping me in check ^__^

      • Hello again,
        How long was Legacy to be approval and edits by the publisher? Also, when will Legacy be hardcover?

  2. Bravo!! I am about 2/3 of the way through the legacy paperback and I must say this is one of those rare books I don’t want to continue reading because it would end way to quickly! I have literally devoured this book over the last few days and CAN”T wait for the sequels (I really have to ration my reading portions now)!

    I see above that you mentioned a while ago that Fracture might come out in 2014, could we expect the kindle version by December?

    I hope you reply soon and best regards from the States!

    • Hey there!

      Sorry it’s taken me a few days to reply. I’m so glad you enjoyed Legacy; it means a great deal to know it’s reaching new people ^___^ I’m still trying as hard as I can to get Fracture finished, while still drafting out Ruin’s Dawn and Resonance End to make sure there isn’t this interminable gap between the next few novels. I can’t say for sure when it’ll be available, but as soon as the draft’s finished I’ll be negotiating a release as quickly as is able. The response has been incredibly humbling and I don’t want to keep anyone waiting!

      • Was just wondering if you had Fracture’s cover done yet, if Minna S. is the artist again, I’m sure it will be great!!

      • Unfortunately Minna is very dedicated to her own (amazing) projects, so at the moment she’s not taking on any commissions. But, I have sourced some other amazing artists that should be able to keep the style perfectly so they’ll all blend on the shelf ^__^ I’d love to have Minna back, but I can’t demand time from someone else’s dream projects.

  3. I just re-read Legacy for, what, the seventh or eighth time. Yes, it is that good. So… any hints at a release date for the next book? I understand if you have been asked that about a million times, but I’m so excited! 😀

    • Aah, thank you! Wow, I’m not sure I’ve even read Legacy that often o_O; Thank you for being patient with me though. I finished the first draft a little over a week ago and I’m working to get it edited as quickly as possible. There’s also some more exciting news coming up regarding the eventual release, too…

  4. Hi Hugo, I don’t know if you remember me but way back you replied to post I made back on your old site and you kindly replied back with a small copy of the first chapter of Fracture, I wanted to say I amazing it was and how excited I am of reading the rest. Though I read Legacy its been awhile and I recently picked it up again. keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Mike, that really means a great deal to me. I really hope it will keep being as good as Legacy. I’ve had to revisit my writing roots a few times and make sure the characters are still the same, but I’m happy with it so far. I’m excited to get this finished and printed and begin working more heavily on books Three and Four. They’ve been started, but it’ll take a little more planning before they’re ready. I’m aiming to have Ruin’s Dawn’s manuscript finished within a year, though. It won’t take as long to come out as Fracture did, I can promise that much.

  5. Hey Hugo!
    I’ve been checking in with Amazon and your blog to keep up with the latest on Resonance and Faria Pairaco! I was the guy who drew the first fan art you received on Facebook.
    I cannot wait until Fracture comes out. I haven’t been this excited about reading since I lost myself in Ted Blasingame’s Blue Horizon series. I think I may have a crush on Faria? Probably? I don’t know, how is it relevant, but wow she’s fantastic.
    Please don’t stop writing, and please keep up the steampunk!!

    • Hi again!

      Wow, I fell super behind with these replies again >__< It's on an old e-mail address so I need to get myself fixed. Thank you for checking in though! I still love that fanart.

      Fracture is in the back-and-forth stages of editing right now but WILL be out in the first half of this year. As soon as I have a concrete date I will announce it. I'm sure Faria would be flattered by your praise, too ^__^

      Take care, and I'll try to announce something soon!

  6. Hello, this is Phillip Mai. It been a long time since you give me a sneak peek on the Fracture a few years ago. I just got the book a week ago and I love it. It was unfortunate that there’s not much of Faria, Kyru, and Aeryn in much of the book. Also, Tierenan is the saddest one of all including on why he;s so important with “vital to the next stage of the plan”. Tierenan is my favorite character in the first book so I hope the next book would clarified some things about him and a brighter fate than the epilogue. Lastly, this maybe a spoiler but will Faria and Tierenan going to be lovers because their some evidence at the last few chapters of Fracture.?

    • Hi again! I am so sorry to leave you waiting for a reply for such a long time, I am really bad at managing my pages >__<

      I'm so glad to hear glad you like the book, I know you had been waiting for it for a really long time. I hope the next one will come along a lot sooner than that 😛 I am honestly trying!

      I had to edit a lot more of the book out than I was intending, but there is a character half named after you for your dedication to the series, and you'll get to see him more in the next installment. And especially regarding Tierenan too, he's actually getting his own short story in an upcoming release separate from the main four books. Once I have some more news on that for you, I'll post an update ^__^

      I won't pass on any spoilers about relationships, but I can absolutely promise that neither Tierenan or Faria will be lonely again 😛

    • Aaaaaah, goodness, I have no words for how humbled I am ;w; I don’t have a specific gallery for fanart yet but I’d love to get the chance to share it as and when you post it up! I’m most active on Twitter as phoenixtheblade, or Instagram as nazrealist. Either way, you’re welcome to post them wherever you like, whenever you have time, and send me the link ❤

    • Hi Jessica! Sorry for the delay- I lost my password to get back into here!

      I am also terrible at updating this page, so I have some news for you! I am about halfway through writing the final Resonance book, which is now to be called Edge of Ascension (titles change a lot during production and I got a little bit ahead of myself). It will be a while before it will be released, though. However, there is another Resonance book, Remnant’s Hope, that should be released this year or early next year, depending on how things are going with my publisher. It is a collection of shorter stories that feature Resonance characters such as Bayer, Kier, Tierenan, and Elysser. I am waiting for the cover art at the moment =) That will be the next one to be released, and I hope to have some more updates about it shortly for you!

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