I’m a big fan of the Steampunk sub-genre of science-fiction. This is no subtle appreciation of the fandom, either: I have a great time putting together props and costumes, and inventing stories to go with them.

The Song Chronicle- A Trilogy of Thera


Thera, a world in the height of its industrial evolution, is nearing its death throes under the ravages of war. Pollution greys the skies while airships lay brutal sieges across the land. Warriors with metal augmentations prowl the decaying cities, soldiers of vicious distinction vying for control of the Fel engines, powered by geothermal energy. Can the scars carved into the world be healed, or will Thera disappear under battle’s ruinous wake?

Firesong: The Ballad of Phoenix the Blade

Phoenix Cloutho, ex-General of the Hyperion Imperial Army, is dead. Under his leadership the elite group of commanders and warriors known as The Sun Dogs of Phoenix won countless battles, at great cost. Now Hyperion is victorious, reigning over an ever-darkening land of charred earth and decaying cities.

Since before the war began, Phoenix was taught of Hyperion’s honour, fighting against persecution by outside countries. All too late he realised the truth; the revelation spurred into betrayal the swift blade of his closest friend, General Dracaun, as it tore his body apart. His life poured from him, as it poured from the broken world he created. Until…

The splinter organisation AsHES is now all that stands between Hyperion and the ruin of Thera. Reconstructing Phoenix as a tool to destroy the very Empire he helped to supremacy, they plan to reunite the Sun Dogs and bring the world back to balance. Awoken from the brink of extinction, Phoenix will face first-hand the devastation he wrought on the world as he tries to rescue Hyperion from the stranglehold of his closest ally.

Also in this series:
Moonsong: Fugitive of the Snow
Therasong: Heart of the World

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