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Hugo was born in Chichester, England, where he enjoyed life as a fairly normal (if very imaginative) boy. Well, a nerdy one with lots of Transformers and assorted other bits and pieces. When he was very young, his older sister used to write and illustrate little picture books for him when he was upset, and this had an inescapable effect on his imagination ever since. Throughout his younger years he played with stories throughout his free time, using films, games, books and in real life.

Perhaps to fuel this and ignore the pressures of the real world, he studied two years of Intensive Acting at Chichester College, and then decided that University wasn’t the right path for him at the time. Instead, he joined his long-time friend Daniel in creating a small community production company, making films and performing theatre shows. He is a member of the Raven Tor Living History group; a large part of his duties involve standing around looking important and bashing people around with large pieces of wood and/or metal in medieval tournaments, and trying not to get hurt. Not being hurt is incidentally one of his favourite past-times, although he took a brief respite from not bring hurt in order to break four bones in the period of about six years. Principally, his hobbies are currently writing, acting, creating Steampunk costumes and original characters (to be featured in an upcoming novel series), looking at pictures of dogs on the internet, and buying too much stuff.

To his credit, he has garnered some achievements from his silliness: he has performed in several professional theatre productions, as well as a few TV documentaries, and was an extra in The Young Victoria. Intermittently, he led stage combat workshops for the Chichester Festival Youth Theatre, Chichester College and The Point Youth Theatre in Eastleigh. He also received an Honourable Mention in the paperback edition of The Pirates! In An Adventure With Communists after entering a short-story writing competition held on Most importantly, however, Hugo feels his greatest effort and achievement to date has been the publication of his first novel, Legacy, which is currently available for download for Amazon Kindle.

His greatest creative influences in his youth were the Mysterious Cities of Gold and Reboot TV serii; in books it was The Deptford Mice trilogy, written by Robin Jarvis, who is his favourite author along with Diana Wynne Jones (Howl’s Moving Castle, Dogsbody). He is a big anime and manga fan, with a large collection of DVDs and an even larger collection of soundtracks from anime, films and video games. Music is one of his biggest inspirations, with various favourite tracks responsible for the majority of the Resonance Tetralogy storyline. If you ever ask him about it, you will never hear the end of it, and will be inundated with music that you’ll likely never have heard of. Be warned.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Author

  1. Thank you so much for writing clean fantasy furry fiction (wow, das a mouthful)!!! I would browse Amazon or Barnes and Noble for days, looking for clean books on furries, but all I could find was disgustingly inappropriate. I am writing fantasy medieval furry fiction as well, and I wanted an example on how to better include little, intricate details, such as the flick of a tail or the downward turn of an ear, to better my writing and remind my audience that they were reading about animals :). “I love your books” is too tame an expression for my feelings about your works! I can’t wait for the third and fourth ones to come out!!!

    • Oh wow! Thank you so much for stopping by, and even moreso for finding my books! I’m really glad they’re something you can enjoy. I love fantasy fiction and wanted to write something that could reach and inspire as many people as possible, even if it was just an action-adventure ^__^ It really means so much to me. I’ll have some news about the third book sometime soon, and I’ll keep writing more in the meantime!

      Best of luck with your own stories! I’ll be excited to see them!

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