The Clandestine Trilogy (Book Titles TBC)

“You know the things that go ‘bump’ in the night? That’s us. Sorry for disturbing you, by the way.”
“…You’re a terrible werewolf.”
“And you’re an ugly dragon. Human. Whatever.”

Houyi Long has drifted for years. Removed from China as soon as he was born to parents he never knew, he has lived between homes ever since. He is no stranger to loneliness, being so different to all others around him. He bears a secret that he can tell no-one, and abilities that nobody could ever understand.

Houyi is a dragon.

Striving to find meaning, he acts as a vigilante, using his powers alternately to serve himself and others in need. But one evening, when a raid on a drug gang goes wrong, he is saved by another rogue creature…

Swept by the enigmatic (and irritating) werewolf into the world of Clandestine, a secret organisation hidden underneath an observatory in Winchester, Houyi quickly learns there are far more people just as unlike him as the humans are, and some even more powerful…

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