For aeons immeasurable, beings have existed that safeguard time. Known as The Keepers, each has the power to stop time for all but themselves and alter the universe to protect its sacred life.

Thousands of years ago, a dispute broke out between the Keepers. Some believed that they had the right to control however they wanted; others saw their duties as vital to the survival of life- unscrupulous, malicious changes could lead the world, possibly all worlds, to a much greater disaster.

One Keeper, so influenced by his own power, created a device that could reverse time and make his power over creation absolute. Upon his death by the High Keeper, the dispute erupted into a conflict of the bloodlines, an invisible war traversing all eternity. Now, after aeons of struggles, the High Keeper remains locked away in time, protected by a seal of his own blood. The remnants of each side vie for supremacy through the genetic entitlement of their powers to their children, and the latest son is about to enter the war. Unknowing of the power he holds, the lines of fate lead to him, and the universe rests on his shoulders…


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